Friday, February 27, 2009

Allah lah sebaik2 penolong...

When your world falls apart
When your pain claims your heart
I'll be there, I'll be around
And I will never let you down

Leave that pain, don't give up
You will fly up high again
Count on me, we are together
We'll make it through this stormy weather

No matter what they say
No matter what they do
No matter what they think of you
You have got me and my heart too

No matter what they see
No matter what they feel
As long as you have got me
As long as You And I See...

Take my hand and take my heart
We can never be apart, now and forever
I won't look back, we'll stay together
Trust in me and we'll fly, don't surrender!

Don't lose hope when you are in need
Have faith in Allah, have faith in Him
So please be tough and please be strong
With all His love you can't go wrong

Dikala terasa diri ini..benar2 rapuh dan lemah tak terdaya..terdengar nasyid ni..terkesan di jiwa ini..Dengan Allah bersama kita, apa lg yg kita harapkan selain Dia..Dia-lah sebaik2 penolong, penenang jiwa, pembantu dikala susah, tempat mengadu dikala jiwa ini terasa sedih..
Dialah yang tempat yang layak utk kita memohon bantuan dan mengadu..

Oh Allah..With all Your love, I'll never alone...


  1. This is my fav nasyeed..
    be strong..
    be brave...
    be tough...
    be like me..keh2..
    ( even u'r tougher than me..but sumtimes i can be extra tougher 'inside' than u..kaka )

  2. me thougher than u??
    u thougher than me??
    kadang2 je..hihi..

  3. nailah..
    ni nasyid sape ek?
    akak nak bleh? :)

    -kak wan-

  4. nasyid unic..
    You and I see..

  5. nasyid unic..
    You and I see..